How the Serendipity Machine pops your bubble

The official Serendipity Machine app is close to launching, and 300 people are testing it already. The test phase of any new product is always fascinating because we see how people are using a product in different ways than we anticipated¬†while we created it. With the Serendipity Machine, it wasn’t different. One of the most frequent questions asked of us was how people get matched and what is the role of artificial intelligence in it.

In other websites as google and facebook, they use AI to learn from your behavior. That means that from everything you research and click on, they will show you more of that content, and that is how they build your tailor made bubble. To change your bubble is pretty hard, especially when you have a profile in social media, and that is what we did differently in the Serendipity Machine.

The Artifical Intelligence in the Serendipity Machine was built to make the matches smarter, so when it sees that when you are working with the app, you get matched with people with coding skills, it learns that app and coding it’s usually connected. That’s pretty cool. But what is even better is that you can change the way you get matched whenever you want. That means that if you want to change your abilities, you can. If you are tired of coding and want to be a writer, this is a click away. Also, if you want to meet filmmakers today and meet a dentist tomorrow, all you have to do is fill on what you are working on, and the AI algorithm will never base its matched on what you were looking for yesterday.

Basing the people we connect with you on different tags every day creates the opportunity for you to meet different kinds of people every time, it’s all up to you. So what is it going to be today?

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