7 tips to take the best pictures of your spot

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When comes to making a decision on where to travel, eat or even work people tend to go to pictures. That’s why pictures matter! Investing a bit of time on them can bring a great return. So here are some tips on making your pictures awesome.

1. People are what make your location relevant, so show them!

Coworking itself means working together. Showing that your spot has awesome people in it can influence a lot on more people coming in. Don’t forget to highlight this picture by making it the main one.

2. Lights, camera, action!

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend! Don’t forget to open up all the windows and take your pictures during the day, if you are lucky enough, a sunny day.

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3. Show unique features.

If there is a unique corner or precious details, don’t be afraid to show them.

4. Corners are in your favor

While plain picture can disguise the real size of a room, corners can show the real dimensions and tell more information.

6. Get references

Like any type of art, pictures rely on inspiration. Browse Pinterest and Instagram to find great pictures and have new ideas for your own. It’s a simple thing that helps a lot!

7. The more, the better.

The more pictures you put in your profile, more trust people will have in it and more enchanted with your spot they become. So don’t mind overposting!


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