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Article by Therese Kreher

Facilitating powerful networking

Events are the stage where people meet in real life, build relationships and share knowledge through a mutual experience. It’s the optimal time and place to network and to bond with others. Research has shown that networking remains among the top 3 reasons why people attend events.

But do you know that feeling when you’re at an event but you don’t know anyone? You walk around the room slightly diffident, a bit insecure, checking out the different people that are actively talking, not sure how to make the first step and then eventually you find the coffee bar- quickly you grab a cup of coffee. What a relief- finally something to hold on to. And suddenly with your new cup of encouragement you start to go from one conversation to another, hoping to meet relevant people, who share a similar drive, ambition and interest which hopefully leads to an exchange of ideas and knowledge. Networking can be exhausting but at the same time it so important. It gives you the opportunity to represent yourself and your business as well as to meet new people and find peers. Being active in environments where people can share their knowledge, visions and ideas, where they educate and empower themselves help you to become a better version of yourself for yourself.

As an event organizer we see that networking is often not easy or organic. Returning attendees often clump to people they know, leaving newcomers uninvolved and alone with their cup of coffee. As an event professional we have to find ways to facilitate networking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to encourage people to connect to others they might not know but are relevant to them?  Wouldn’t it be nice to accelerate serendipitous meetings to provide the attendees with positive encounters?  We think it would be great. That’s why we have developed S2M for Events.

The software goes beyond simply checking into an event or area. It gives visitors insights into who the other attendees are and what knowledge is present at the event. By using artificial intelligence the software dynamically matches them to other relevant professionals based on their knowledge and talents. This can take place before, during and after the event. It allows them to get in touch with others and gain access to the present professional network of innovative thinkers. Additionally, visitors also become part of the worldwide S2M network. Once they are connected, they can start exchanging knowledge, collaborate and grow!

By using the software the forward thinking event organizer offers something that is often lacking in most event apps and tools- context. S2M for Events boosts the effectiveness of networking by offering attendees unexpected but relevant encounters and creating meaningful connections in a sort of orchestrated serendipity. In this way events become more relevant to the attendees.

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