Living the holiday vibe forever!

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Why am I using The Serendipity Machine?
Because I like to live the holiday vibe forever. I hear you saying, “well, everybody does, right?” I think so too, and I think we should live like that all of us!

Do you know that feeling when you are traveling, a feeling of a new adventure, unexpected adventures, meeting new people and getting different insights?  Well, you can use The Serendipity Machine for that. Of course, you can use it let your network grow, work together with entrepreneurs worldwide or meet your investor. I am using it to feel the holiday vibe. How?

When I wake up, I check the weather (I am living in The Netherlands, so this is an important thing to do). Then I decide where I would like to work today. My agenda shows that I will work today on an infographic and I have to do my taxes. The Serendipity Machine shows me which spots are nearby for me and what kind of knowledge is available on each spot. In this way, I can choose the right atmosphere for me on this specific day. After I choose a cool spot to work today, I check in, fill in my work for today and I get matched to three relevant people for me that day. On this early morning, I already experienced some holiday aspects. A new environment and three cool and new people that I can meet. During the day I am finishing more and more of my work, when my phone gives me a notification! It’s Erik that sent me a meet request. We meet at the coffee bar and have an inspirational talk about working location independent. Later that day I am having a chat with someone that can help me out with photoshop for making my Infographic and I share my lunch break with another coworker that I just met.

Where should I work tomorrow? And where are you using The Serendipity Machine for?


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