Feedback and Updates #1

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Hello, you! Hope you are doing fine. Today is 20 degrees in the Netherlands, it’s the so called Rakjes Dag. Its literal translation is the Skirt Day. It’s the first day of the year when it’s warm enough for the ladies to rock their skirts! Well, so now that I am in the comfort of a terrace let’s talk about the Serendipity Machine app. We have a new update! Here are the new features:

– When you go to ‘locations’, on the top of the screen you can search for a specific area, so you see all the spots in that area. You can also put the name of a specific location you want to check-in.
– When you go to ‘locations’, on the bottom part of the screen you can click on ‘check map’ and see in the map all the serendipitous spots. You can also zoom-in in the map to see the spots in that area.

About the feedbacks, since we launched it 2 weeks ago it has been downloaded in several countries and a lot of awesome people tested it and gave us feedback. If you want to be one of those people you can subscribe here. Last week we put together all the feedback and went through all of them and what we are going to do about. As we really want our users to co-create with us, we want to share everything with you. So here are the feedbacks and what we are doing about them!

• See people’s knowledge tags before clicking on them
o In the native app for iPhone it is already implememnted that you can see 2 tags, and then when you click at the person you can see the others. We are going to work to put this on Android as well.

• When check-in in a spot see directly our matches
o We agree that the matching part should be more visible. Nynke, our beloved designer, is working on this right now! We are also going to change the whole “Today” area with it.

• Get an option to tell what you are working today before check-in so you could get matched to a location, where there are people who can help you.
o For now this is not a priority feature for the app. We are changing the map on now.seats2meet.com so users can check the different kind of locations and which people will be there.

• An easy button to go back to see my matches
o This will be added on the new “Today” page that Nynke is working on.

• Text ‘UserDetailActivity’ in the corner of a User page.
o Will be removed ASAP!

• Back button in Android is not necessary since there is already a back button in the phone.
o Will also be removed.

• When check-in in a S2M location it opens the browser, in that way I have to login twice.
o This was a temporary solution because S2M also has a capacity control, something that the app doesn’t have. We are working on putting a description in the location so everyone can know what to expect for every different kind of spot.

• Log in with social media/gmail options and ‘forgot my password’ option
o Because of an old system we have it’s hard to put the social media options, but we are working on easier ways to login as just putting your e-mail and receiving an ‘log-in’ or put a ‘forgot my password’ option. This is one of the priorities.

• When writing tags on my profile receive suggestions of tags.
o We chose not to do this. The reason is because then we have more people with the same tags, and because of the AI the more tags people choose by theirselves the better the matching part becomes.

• The nearest spot was 9 thousand kilometers away from me.
o We will add a notification asking if you already allowed the app to have access to your location.

• When it takes a while for something to load to put a ‘loading sign’
o Nynke is working on this!

• The app is changing the faces and the names of people
o Our developers are working on this right now.

• When you click on a person their profile picture disappears
o Our developers are also working on this right now.

• The number of people in a location changes when you click on it
o This has been solved.

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