Everyone in our team started as an ambassador, that’s how we build a team with a lot of vision and strength – they were already fans and when we needed someone in our office, they were the first ones we thought about!


Ambassadors are simply people who are big fans of the Serendipity Machine and because of that they want to spread the world about it. Are you a fan? If so, become an ambassador and meet our team. We are happy to have you!

Share! Well, if you are already a fan one thing that is very simple and can help us a lot when it comes to spreading the word is sharing our stories and vision. You can do that by sharing your favourite articles from our blog.

Become an ambassador

What do you want to do? That’s the most important question. The reason why you are a fan of the Serendipity Machine and what do you like to do? Is it writing? Coding? Dancing? Let us know!