Also known as Frequently Asked Questions

What is Serendipity?

Serendipity is defined by something good that happen or that you find even though you weren’t looking for it.

What is the Serendipity Machine?

Is an app where you are matched by an AI algorithm to people that might be relevant to you in the same location where you are. You can also ask questions and they will go to people worldwide using the app, which increases the chance of you finding what you need.

Where does the serendipity machine works?

The Serendipity Machine is activated in 223 locations in 29 different countries. Click here to see them all.

What is the price of the app?

The Serendipity Machine is free!

How do I get the Serendipity Machine at my place?

To get the Serendipity Machine working at your place sign up here.

How much do I pay to be a Serendipity Machine Spot?

There are 3 different Serendipity Machine packages, the basic for social capital, the premium for 39,- and the enterprise for 349,-. To know more about them click here.

Why have the serendipity machine at my location?

When you have the serendipity machine in your location you create more possibilities for your guests. That means that they know your place is full of great people to meet and where they are open to help and connect. That is the key factor that make your place more and constantly relevant.

How can I create an account?

The Serendipity Machine is a proud daughter of For this reason we are using the profile software of If you already have a S2M Profile, you can just log in. If you don’t have one yet, you can register one very easy in a few steps.


Click on “log in” in the right on top of the page. You will now get a popup where you can login.

Click on “register” in the bottom of the popup.

Register is easy if you have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account. Just click one of the social-buttons and you’re ready to

If you don’t have one of these accounts, you can also register by clicking on “click here to sign up” below the social buttons. We ask you than to provide us with an email address and password.


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